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What an achievement - Thank You!

Howzit Inkwazi Adventures Community,

For the past two weeks, I can’t help reflecting on the 50 students from the Senwabarwana community of the Limpopo Province, in South Africa. So I wanted to write a quick note to say thank you again to our Inkwazi Adventures Community.

These 50 students are all sporting brand new #BIKES4ERP bicycles, which they are using to get to school and back home in a quarter of the time that it took them to walk those distances in the past.

These bicycle means they now have 90 to 120 minutes “extra” in the day for homework, chores around the house or for playing as children should do. But more importantly, these bicycles mean they are less exhausted each day; therefore, their concentration at school is better which helps them finish school and be setup for a better future.

Blouberg Area, Limpopo, South Africa
Blouberg Area, Limpopo, South Africa

Another amazing fact that I keep on thinking about is that those 50 lives changed as a result of your support and generosity.

Most of you are in Australia, and if you live in Sydney you are about 11,000 kilometers from these children. However, the amazing thing is that your support has traveled thousands of kilometers to change the lives of 50 students and their communities forever.... Take a moment to let that sink in.

We have said it before and we can’t stress it enough, but we are very grateful for each person in our Inkwazi Adventures Community for helping us make this year’s bicycle drop a reality.

At Inkwazi Adventures, our vision is to change lives, one adventure at a time. We have already started preparing for our next adventure that will take place in May 2021 - RESET2021.

Don’t you think we all need to reset our lives after this tumultuous year and use the opportunity to reconnect with what is important in life? Yes, Reset 2021 will enable you to personally deliver the next set of bicycles we are raising funds for, and then spending time to reflect on the experience and reconnect with nature while going on a 4-day hiking safari in the beautiful Greater Kruger National Park. This is a unique and exclusive 7-day life-changing experience.

We will be in touch soon to share some more experiences from the drop, and how you can get more involved in RESET 2021.

Together, we are changing lives, one adventure at a time.

Two people holding Inkwazi Adventures Flag
Changing lives, one adventure at a time.


Cornel van Onselen

Inkwazi Adventures Leader

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