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Together, we are changing lives, one adventure at a time

Since our very first bicycle drop together in October 2020, there has been a special friendship with the #BIKES4ERP team. Back in July 2019, when Inkwazi Adventures was first founded, we were searching for the right organisation to partner with that would help bring our vision to life - Changing lives, one adventure at a time.

It was therefore an obvious and easy decision when we first got together with Nicolai and Gert (Founders of #BIKES4ERP) in 2019. When they talked us through the BIKES4ERP proposition, it was easy to see how our Inkwazi Adventurers could get involved to help change the lives of young South African students, while also being part of a life-changing experience when personally delivering the bicycles.

Cornel and Nicolai at RESET2021 bicycle drop
Cornel van Onselen, Inkwazi Adventures (left) and Nicolai van der Merwe,BIKES4ERP (right)

BIKES4ERP delivers bicycles to school children who often walk up to 21km just to get to school and back. By having access to a bicycle, students can get to school faster and easier, meaning they are more likely to finish school, setting them (and their families) up for a brighter future. The impact is immediate and lasting, and the numbers are testament to the life-changing impact of this great cause. One of the principles from a school that received bicycles in 2020 shared "We moved from 48% pass rate in 2020, to 79% in 2021 and obtained 3rd position from the schools in the district when comparing year 12 matriculation."

As a result, the #BIKES4ERP partnership enables our Inkwazi Adventures community to be part of our vision - Changing lives, one adventure at a time - in two ways;

  1. Change the lives of a young South African school student, and be immersed in the experience by personally handing out bicycles and seeing the instant life-changing impact.

  2. Reset, reflect and reconnect with what is important, after seeing and experiencing the bicycle drop. A chance to disconnect from daily life and spend time reflecting on the opportunities we have access to in Australia.

Since joining forces in 2019, we have reached some exciting milestones together.

Including our upcoming drop in October this year,

  • We have completed one bicycle drop each year, for the past three years (even during the COVID pandemic) - have a look at our last drop in May 2021

  • Our Inkwazi Adventures community have raised just over $34,000 AUD, and 100% of funds raised is used to purchase the bicycles and gear that are handed to the students - you can still contribute to our next bicycle drop here

  • This has enabled us to change the lives of just over 110 school students in remote South Africa.

  • 100s of Inkwazi Adventure Supporters are now part of a community who have changed lives, while also resetting and reconnecting with what is important in their own community.

We are particularly excited about our upcoming #Uhambo2022 adventure and bicycle drop in October, as we will be delivering our 100th bicycle. More importantly, this means after the next drop, we have changed the lives of over 100 students since the beginning of the Inkwazi Adventures journey.

"#BIKES4ERP is more than a partnership... it is a friendship that has helped bring our vision to life. As a result, together we are changing lives, one adventure at a time"

Charles Street

Inkwazi Adventures Founder

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