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17 - 26 October 2024

Be part of changing the lives of 60 students, while going on a life-changing adventure

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Experience the unforgettable moment, when you give a new bicycle to a young student, and change their life and community forever.

A 10-Day all Inclusive*


Change the lives of 60 students, while going on a life-changing South African eco-adventure

17 - 26 October 2024

South Africa


Spend 4 days on an eco-adventure hiking safari, learning about nature as you encounter the wild on foot, and having the space and time to slow down... pause... reflect on what is important.


17 October

(Day 1)

Arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa, and meet the rest of the Inkwazi Adventurers during a short game drive and special dinner. 


18 - 20 October

(Day 2 - 4)

Experience the thrill of personally delivering over 60 #BIKES4ERP bicycles, and seeing the life-changing smiles.


21 - 25 October

(Day 5 - 9)

Reconnect with nature while being immersed in the unique landscape and wildlife of Makuleki Game Reserve.


26 October

(Day 10)

Re-enter the world, and travel back to Pretoria as you prepare to reconnect with family and friends.

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