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/ Spotted Hyena / Noun Wolf / Tracker

A 7-day life-changing eco-training experience. You will be changing the lives of young students, while also growing your awareness and appreciation of nature through a 4-day immersive  yet comfortable bushveld experience.

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Changing Lives

The #BIKES4ERP Experience

Be part of the team that will personally deliver the bicycles to the students, and change their lives forever. Be immersed in their environment and culture, and experience the life-changing smiles as they receive this special gift


The Art of Tracking

Grow your understanding of nature by learning more about tracking, animal behaviour and birding. Grow your situational awareness on the daily hiking safaris by applying what you have learned that day.

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Daily Hiking Safaris

Daily hiking safaris at the Selati Game Reserve will present you with multiple opportunities to learn about the bush and animals.  

You will have the space and time to embrace the quiet, enjoy the opportunity to pause from life, and hear the sounds of nature.

Reflect & Refresh

Safari Retreat

At the end of each day, take the time to reflect and refresh while enjoying the comforts of the safari lodge. You experience the bush TV (campfire) as we sit around and share our own stories and experiences.

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