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RESET2021: Only a few days to go

Howzit Inkwazi Adventures Community,

On 14 May our long-awaited #RESET2021 Adventure will begin. Over this six-day tour, our adventurers will be delivering bicycles to school students, changing their lives forever through easier access to education, before embarking on a 4-day hiking safari in the Greater Kruger National Park. RESET2021 is a truly immersive and life-changing adventure, and opportunity to RESET, REFLECT and RECONNECT with what is important in life.

Our goal is to deliver 21 bicycles with the #BIKES4ERP team in the Blouberg community which is situated northwest of Polokwane. You can watch this video to get a taste of what this special event is all about.

So far, through the generosity of our Inkwazi Adventures Community, we have raised just over $3,900 AUD, against our goal of $6,300. We are so grateful for all the support.

Changing Lives one Adventure at a Time

Thanks to everyone who has helped raise awareness for this worthy cause, and helping us bring this campaign to life. We have heard some great stories about how our community has been getting involved to raise money.

One particular great story is of how Berowra Christian Community School (Based in Sydney, Australia) raised awareness of the #BIKES4ERP campaign by hosting a Ride to School day. The students got to experience first-hand how a bicycle can change the life of a young school student in South Africa, by making it easier to get to school.

For the second part of our tour, our Adventurers will head into the wilderness on a 4-day 3-night Backpacking Hiking Safari. This part of our adventure has been designed to disconnect from daily digital distractions, and reconnect with nature. It is an opportunity to REFLECT and RECONNECT after the #BIKES4ERP RESET.

Even though the seasons are changing, we are expecting hot days with slightly cooler nights in the Lowveld. We are at the end of the rainy season and the bushveld is looking greener and lusher than ever which means beautiful scenery and possibly great sightings of the animals.

Digital Detox at its best.

Our Adventurers have acquired the necessary gear for the hike and they are doing the last preparations for this once-in-lifetime experience. It is not every day you get to hike (and overnight) in Big 5 country with no fences separating you from the animals. One thing is for certain, after a hike like this you have a newfound respect for the animals and how they are masters in their own environment.

The hike is not all about the animals and the bushveld; it is also about resetting your way of thinking and possibly the way you view your life.

Our Adventurers will get to experience this first-hand as you mostly walk silently whilst following two experienced guides through the bush. This gives you time to think and reflect. You also do not have any contact with the outside world; it is just you, immersed in the bushveld on a true digital detox. How great is that! Oh, and don’t forget, you carry everything that you need in your backpack. It is amazing how little we actually need in life.

Inkwazi Adventures Community, as you can hear, we are very excited about this upcoming tour.

  • If you want to join us on our next tour, watch this space.

  • If you would like to contribute to our goal of donating 21 bicycles, click here.

  • If you would like to stay up to date with the #BIKES4ERP bicycle drop, follow our Facebook page.

  • If you would like to see pictures of our Backpacking Hiking Safari…you will have to wait until we get back into civilization. Haha.


Cornel van Onselen

Inkwazi Adventures Leader

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