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#BIKES4ERP - A behind the scenes read of the upcoming 23 Nov 2019 drop

Howzit Inkwazi Adventurers,

We have been getting very excited with the launch of our #Bushveld2020 fundraising campaign, and are grateful for the first few donations coming in. Remember, even if you are not able to join us on the tour, you can still be involved by making a donation towards a bicycle or two. Please visit our fundraising page to make a donation and change the life of a South African school student. Our aim is to empower 40 students with a new bicycle each.

The next #BIKES4ERP drop will be on 23 November, and I’d like to give you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes in preparing for such a special event. This way, when you join us on the #Bushveld2020 Adventure you will know what is involved in organising this amazing event.

Last week Nicolai called the team together for a pep talk and to allocate tasks and roles to the volunteers. Here are some of the key points that were discussed:

  • The date for the next drop was finalised (23 November 2019). An important and exciting milestone.

  • The recipients of the bicycles will be identified and communicated to us in the coming week or two. This will be a special surprise to them.

  • The number of volunteers is finalised, and the team shirts will be ordered.

  • The accommodation and budget for the meals and snacks will be calculated and finalised.

  • Task teams have been allocated. Note: each person will lend a hand with everything, but ultimately one person will be responsible for his/her task.

  • The vehicles and trailers will be finalised. A very important aspect of the drop.

  • The stickers for the bicycles will be printed and ready for the drop.

  • The entertainment and event programme will be finalised as soon as we know which VIPs from the community will attend the drop.

The agenda for the Drop Weekend will broadly look like this:


  • Load the bicycles and gear for the drop.

  • Leave for the town of Blouberg.

  • Have breakfast en route.

  • Arrive at the destination. Mountain bikers go for a quick ride on the dirt roads. Trail runners go for a run in the bush. Or you can stay at the lodge and spend some time next to the campfire.

  • Have dinner, share stories and go to bed early.


  • Get up very early and prepare to leave for the school.

  • Ride in convoy to the school.

  • Set up for the drop, including gazebos, entertainment are and stage.

  • Clean the bicycles, paste the stickers, inflate the tyres, check the breaks and handlebars.

  • Neatly arrange the bicycles and add the barcoded stickers (to identify the bicycle allocated to each learner).

  • Welcome the students and role-players.

  • Begin the ceremony and hand over bicycles to each student.

  • Ride with the students through the community on their new bicycles. Also, assist students who are still learning how to ride a bicycle.

  • Spend time with the students, learning more about their community, before leaving to head back to the lodge.

  • Reflect around the campfire about the wonderful day and the impact we made.

Helping young girls with her brand new bicycle
Helping young girl with he brand new bicycle


Enjoy a hearty breakfast before leaving for home.

Stop en route for a snack.

Arrive back home feeling proud about what we have achieved.

Inkwazi Adventurers, you have an opportunity to join us for the #BIKES4ERP drop in May 2020. Learn more and register here

I assure you that the experience will change your outlook on life, and the memories of watching the smile on the children's faces when they receive their new bicycle will be with you forever.

However, if you are unable to join us for the trip, you can still make a difference by getting involved in our fundraising campaign and donating towards our cause.

Join me in my next post when we take care of the last preparations for the 23 November drop.


Cornel van Onselen

Inkwazi Adventure Leader

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