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March: #Bikes4ERP Wheels in Motion

Howzit Inkwazi Adventurers,

Can you believe that we are already in the third month of the year? Time’s fun when you are having flies.

No seriously. We are inching closer to our Bushveld 2020 tour taking place in May. And the exciting news is, we now have two options available - a shorter 7-day trip, or the extended 14-day version. Have a look on our website, as you can now join us for one week life changing experience.

I also mention how grateful we are for the support we have received thus far. Everyone is getting involved and behind our #Bikes4ERP campaign. Businesses, schools, co-workers and people like you - Thank You.

To date we have funded 10 bicycles which already is an amazing feat. That means 10 lives will change in May.

Our partners (ERP) recently shared these amazing insights about the benefits from the #Bikes4ERP program. The Principal of Tumakgole Secondary School had this to say about the impact #Bikes4ERP has had at her school:

  • “All the learners who received bicycles performed exceptionally well and they all produced excellent results.

  • One of the students even scored a distinction in Economics, with an 82% pass mark.

  • In addition, our overall Matric results have improved tremendously, from 51,4% in 2017 to 81% in 2019, making us the most improved school in the circuit. We attribute this improvement to the #Bikes4ERP programme.

  • Because of the bicycles, students coming from far away are now punctual and stay in class until 5pm when all lessons end.”

But we still have a big target of 40 bicycles to reach as part of our #BIKES4ERP campaign. We want 40 students to be part of these amazing stats above.

Please visit our fundraising page to read about our progress and it will be great if you can also make a small donation. Psst, I'll let you in on a secret, if you donate a whole bicycle ($300AUD), you will receive a very cool and unique Inkwazi Adventures shirt, like the one below.

At the end of March, we will place the order for the bicycles for our May #BIKES4ERP drop. In one of my next blog posts I will provide more information regarding the type of bicycle we will deliver and the location of the drop. We usually wait till about two months before the drop to communicate the total number of funded bicycles we have available for the drop. This then enables our partners to contact the local community where they have already identified eligible students for the bicycles. One of the criteria is that the students currently walk long distances to get to school and back (sometimes it is about 20 kilometers a day). The more bicycles we are able to deliver, the more students we can reach.

How can you help during this final month of fundraising? Please continue to talk about #BIKES4ERP with as many people as possible. Talk about it. Talk about it. And if you want, talk about it. Remember, every contribution will go towards another student getting a bicycle.

Student with a bicycle = improved attendance = higher grades = changed life = better future

Remember, you can also get more involved and be part of #Bushveld2020. Join us in personally delivering the bicycles in South Africa as part of the Bushveld 2020 tour and spend time with the students whose lives will forever be changed after receiving a bicycle.

Watch this space as we inch closer to the drop in May. I will share inside information as we get the wheels in motion (excuse the pun). I will tell you about the team meetings, logistical planning and having fun whilst doing it. #BIKES4ERP drop in May is happening, and we are getting excited!


Cornel van Onselen

Inkwazi Adventure Leader

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