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Everyone can be an Inkwazi Adventurer.

Howzit Inkwazi Adventurers!

I have to say, I am quite jealous that you will have an Australian Day long weekend in Australia while we in South Africa...well, won't.

I also feel like I should say happy Australia day!.. or rather "Aussie Aussie Aussie... Oi Oi Oi"

Over this long weekend, I would like to encourage you to think about the amazing opportunity I'm about to share with you. And best of all, this opportunity is not just available to you, but also to every person you choose to share this with.

Anyone can become an Inkwazi Adventurer and be part of the #Bushveld2020 experience.

There are basically three ways you can be part of this amazing community. You may choose one, or do all three.

Simply make a donation towards our #Bikes4ERP fundraising campaign, and you will instantly become a supporter and part of this very special event in May. Not only will you be making an active contribution towards changing the lives of young students in remote South African communities, you will also get exclusive updates and a behind the scenes look as the bicycles are delivered.

We need all the support we can get and every donation, not matter how big or small, will go a long way in helping these students in South Africa.

So you are a supporter, but there are three types...

The Quiet Supporter: At a sporting event (AFL, NRL, NFL, RFU...) you buy the ticket to watch and support your team. But you enjoy sitting quietly in the stands admiring the skills of the players.

In Inkwazi Adventures terms, you have heard about our #BIKES4ERP campaign, you love the initiative and want to become a supporter. So you make a donation (buy the ticket) and you admire the team as they make the delivery of the 40 bicycles, supporting them every step of the way.

The Vocal Supporter: When you are at the game, you cheer loudly every time something great happens for your team. In Inkwazi Adventures terms, you have heard about the #BIKES4ERP campaign and love the initiative so much that you not only want to make a donation, but you also want to spread the word and get your friends and family hyped up about it. So you share the news on Facebook, Instagram, WattsApp, Messenger, Snapchat... O yes and SMS and email.

The Fanatic Supporter: You never miss a game, and always dress up for the game. You don't even sit on the seat you paid for because you are so excited that you stand the entire game cheering your team (or saying stuff about the other team...or referee).

In Inkwazi Adventures terms, you should really be on level 2; an #InkwaziContributor.

As an Inkwazi Contributor, you want to be actively involved in fundraising towards our #Bikes4ERP goal of 40 bicycles. You will do this by having your own dedicated fundraising profile, which you will use to fundraise $300 to sponsor one bicycle.

As an #InkwaziContributor you will play an active role in our campaign, and to say thank you, you will receive your very own photo of the student receiving the bicycle you have fundraised. You will also receive your very own Inkwazi Adventures T-Shirt!

As an #InkwaziContributor you are absolutely fanatical about the #BIKES4ERP campaign, so much so that you want to inspire others to also get involved and donate. You may even raise funds towards your own campaign by doing crazy things like a cycle 100km, walk 40km, shave your hair, hold fundraising events at your school or work.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch and we will get your own fundraising page up and running in no time.

Level 3: #InkwaziExplorer:

This is the best, and only option, to truly immerse yourself in the #Bushveld2020 experience. Not only are you passionate about the #Bikes4ERP campaign, but you want to be part of the action on the ground and the life-changing adventure that is #Bushveld2020.

As an #InkwaziExplorer, you will not only be actively involved in the #Bikes4ERP campaign, but you will come back having;

  • Changed your perspective on life as you have engaged and learned more about remote community as part of the #Bikes4ERP campaign

  • Changed your appreciation and respect for nature and wildlife as you embark on a unique and exclusive 4-Day #HikingSafari

  • Changed you perception of what you are capable of after you have finished the #Oxpecker 2-Day trail running event.

Don't miss out on this opportunity, and register to secure your spot today

Perhaps let me describe the experience in a different way. As an #InkwaziExplorer:

  • You love giving back... and you will by personally delivering a bicycle to a student, and change their life by giving them easier access to an education.

  • You love an adventure... and this will not disappoint you as you go on a once in a lifetime Hiking Safari experience in the bushveld. This will be like you've never experienced it before.

  • You love to challenge your own personal limits... and you will as you can run or walk the picturesque #Oxpecker Trail Run. The event is already sold out because if is one of the most popular trail running events in South Africa, we have already secured a spot for you.

Inkwazi Adventurers, I repeat: we WANT you to become involved today in any which way you can. Great things are about to happen, and you can be part of it. So please get involved today.

Have a fantastic long weekend and think about what you have just read.


Cornel van Onselen

Inkwazi Adventures Leader

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