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"Changing lives, one bicycle at a time"

We have partnered with an organisation called ERP, to join forces in delivering sustainable community change to young school students.

Be part of this life changing experience, by personally delivering the bicycles to the students, and spend time understanding their world better

Three ways to get involved

and become part of the Inkwazi Adventures Community



Contribution towards our goal of 90 bicycles, and help to buy a new bicycle for a young student, changing their life forever.


Partner with Inkwazi Adventures to become a regular contributor towards our Uhambo 2020 campaign



Personally deliver the bicycles and be immersed in this life-changing experience


Many students in remote towns often walk almost half-a-marathon to get to school and back each day.

By distributing bicycles to students, the #BIKES4ERP project bridges the gap between having a dream and being able to achieve it.


Students are empowered to obtain an education by entering into a “STUDY TO OWN” contract, whereby the student owns the bike after using it to attend school for 2 years.


Each student receives their very own bicycle, which is manufactured for the environment in which they will be used in.


Included with each bicycle students also receive a good quality helmet, a lightweight toolkit for running repairs such as flat tires, two spare tubes and a pump.


We are aiming to deliver 90 bicycles as part of our next adventure in October 2023.

Being part of the adventure, you will receive your own dedicated fundraising page, which you can use to get family and friends involved.


This is a great opportunity to help fundraise more bikes towards our goal.

You can read more about our fundraising campaign here


Riding a bike decreases the overall impact of the commute, which means students arrive at school better able to concentrate and their attendance rate improves.

Having an education changes their life forever, setting them up for a better future and enabling them to reach their goals.

This also has a lasting positive impact to their communities, and the wildlife around them.


Recent reports have shown that average academic performance of students with bicycles have improved by as much as 15%, and overall attendance improved by an average 25%.

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