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Tracker Academy

"Changing lives, one tracker at a time"

We have partnered with an organisation called Tracker Academy to join forces in delivering sustainable change to young tracker students and conservation.

Be part of this life-changing experience, by personally contributing to the development of future trackers, while also learning the art of tracking.

Three ways to get involved

and become part of the Inkwazi Adventures Community



Contribution towards our Impisi 2022 campaign, and help to develop the next generation of trackers.



Partner with Inkwazi Adventures to become a regular contributor towards our Impisi 2022 campaign



Learn the art of tracking, while personally spending time at the Tracker Academy


Tracker Academy was made possible by Mrs Gaynor Rupert in 2010 – a bold and visionary action that has benefitted hundreds of wildlife trackers.

Tracker Academy trains disadvantaged rural people in traditional skills of wildlife tracking.

The programme is accredited by CATHSSETA (Sector Education and Training Authority) and endorsed by FGASA (Field Guides Association of Southern Africa).


Tracker Academy is the first tracker training school to achieve this distinction in South Africa.


The academy stands as a training division of the SA College for Tourism (SACT) which operates under the auspices of the Peace Parks Foundation.


Tracking skills are required for use in eco-tourism, wildlife protection, environmental education and animal monitoring and habituation programmes.

There is a severe lack of genuine tracking skills in the wildlife protection sector of the conservation industry.

Skilful trackers provide safety and contribute to the authenticity of an African safari experience.


We are aiming to raise $4,000, as part of our Impisi 2022 campaign, to help train the next generation of trackers.

The money raised will go towards supporting trackers with their daily needs while attending the Tracker Academy.

This is a great opportunity to help fundraise and contribute to the future of tracking.

You can read more about our fundraising campaign here


Sponsored tracking courses are only offered to unemployed, previously disadvantaged people.

168 Professional trackers have been trained to date through the Tracker Academy.

88% of graduates are employed after finishing the course.


"Tracker Academy’s work aims to prove that wildlife tracking is a legitimate and vital conservation management skill"

Alex van den Heever

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