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The Bikes have arrived - Bringing the 2019 #BIKES4ERP experience to life.

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

As part of our Bushveld 2020, our goal is to empower and mobilise 40 students with a new bicycle by partnering with #BIKES4ERP. A new bicycle means easier, faster and sustainable access to education... resulting in a better future. To make this happen requires a complex co-ordination of activities, but the results are always rewarding and life-changing.

Therefore, for my next series of blog posts, I wanted to give you the opportunity go behind the scenes and get a feel for what is involved. ERP's next bike drop is scheduled for 23 November 2019, and I will be personally involved and sharing my insights and experiences. This will give you a sense of what takes place in the lead up to the Bushveld 2020 Adventure's bike drop in May 2020.

The bikes have arrived...

There is a lot of excitement in the #BIKES4ERP Team as the 2019 drop-off date, 23 November, is getting closer.

Nicolai called a meeting at the Epi-Use office on Friday, 13 September, to share some information regarding the 2019 drop. There are many new faces that are keen to be a part of this initiative and, of course, the bulk of the team consists of the 2018 team members. (Read more about my 2018 experience)

On Monday, 16 September, we received a message for all available hands on deck. The 50 new bicycles had arrived and needed to be offloaded from the truck. With the help of so many people, the bicycles were in the basement parking lot in no time. When you stand there and see the 50 new #BIKES4ERP bicycles, it is amazing to think the impact that they will have on the students in rural South Africa.

50 #BIKES4ERP have arrived
50 bicycles have arrived

All about the bicycle...

Each #BIKES4ERP bicycle costs about $170USD to $200USD and for the 2019 drop ERP has purchased the Hawk bicycle. This is not a cheap bicycle that will only last a year; it has been specifically manufactured and designed for durability and the rugged terrain that it will be used in.

The Hawk bicycle weighs approximately 23 kilograms as it has been manufactured with heavy gauge steel tubing. It comes standard with a carrier, which the students use for their bags, to lift a friend, or even to transport drinking water over long distances. These carriers can carry approximately 100 kilograms.

The following also comes standard with each bicycle: fenders and chain guard, quality stand to keep the bicycle upright when loading it or when it is not in use, good tyres to handle the rural dirt roads, a bell for road safety and quality pedals and chain.

The #BIKES4ERP Bicycle
The #BIKES4ERP Bicylce

In addition to receiving the bicycle, the students also receive a good quality helmet, a lightweight toolkit for running repairs such as flat tyres, two spare tubes and a pump.

And to ensure additional and sustained support, a trained mechanic will also be stationed in the community by #BIKES4ERP to assist the learners.

How you can get involved?

There are a number of ways you can get involved, and support the #BIKES4ERP campaign as part of our Bushveld 2020 adventure:

  1. Join our tour - Bushveld 2020 is an active, immersive and rewarding adventure. As part of the tour you will be part of the team delivering 40 bicycles to kids in a local community. There are only 7 spots available, so register today to also take advantage of the early-bird offer.

  2. Donate towards our campaign - As part of Bushveld 2020, our goal is to empower 40 students with a new bicycle. We need all the support we can get, and you can donate towards our campaign and play a key role to bringing this to life.

  3. Follow and share the campaign - if the #BIKES4ERP campaign resonates with you, follow our Facebook page and share this with your friends and family.

What's next...

Over the coming few weeks I will check in and keep you updated with our preparation for the 2019 drop.

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